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Web, desktop and mobile development. Information systems for corporations, full-scale platforms, CRM-, ERP-, WMS-systems. Software Testing and Implementation.


Installation and maintenance of equipment. Server support. Providing technical support. Development of hardware projects

Trading Company

Export and import of products in Northern Europe and Ukraine. Logistics, transportation. Brokerage services. Fuel, food, agricultural products

Digital Agency

Comprehensive work on the creation and development of projects, brands. Newest tools (Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, etc.).

Construction Company

Development of documentation, construction, work with networks, delivery of building materials, documentary work.

Energy Company

Development and support of energy projects, trade in energy, own energy projects


We also have a large range of our own products, in which we cooperate with a large number of companies


Production of 3D printers. School curriculum. Software for managing 3D printers and 3D farms.

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Innovative approach to real estate leasing. Use of mobile technologies and electronic locks. Special program for apartment owners and construction companies.

Fulfillment Service

Comprehensive service for servicing online stores. Logistics service, marketing services, contact center and other services.

Simple Business

Special project on automation of processes in the big business. The audit, strategy, using software and hardware, support and development


A program for the generation of young specialists. Helps to find an interesting sphere, to form a plan in it and to find a job.


A digital platform for the integration of small and medium-sized farms with customers. Includes price monitoring, planning, logistics module.